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Knights Out

Knights Out
A ghost pirate and a skeleton jester

Were Clowning around tonight;

Seeking just where to trick or treat;

It brought them great delight!
With their costumes the boys had such fun looking through different eyes;

Darkness doesn’t scare them

With loved ones by their side!
Mighty princes never forget: imagination

God gave to you!!

He created you so wonderfully for everything you do!!


Hunting For The Mark

Hunting For The Mark
Chaos leaps around you, 

waiting to trap your very soul –

Enticing you to miss the mark-

To forget what you know.
But stand firm, keep in line 

with God’s valuable Word.

Don’t forget your Anchor point,

Or everything is a blur!
Hold your bow with poise;

Three fingers under notch –

Holy spirit, God, and Jesus have your back,

So the outside noise you’ll block.
Be sure to maintain consistency;

Stretch the bow frame till it hurts!

All this may seem impossible, 

yet obedience is great worth!
Quickly Act for time is running out!

The end is quite near!

Trust your Coach to guide you;

At your score He will cheer!
For you will kill temptation;

The desire to want to sin;

Missing the mark is painful,

So keep your eyes on Him!

My song

Remove The Mask

Remove The Mask!
“Trick or treat” is heard through the night,

But it’s carried throughout life –

Performing for acceptance, mind Ps and Qs, 

Going under the knife.
What happened to Love? God’s grace? 

Has the night so blinded each one? 

Becoming someone else; a puppet?

This is called fun?
I say remove the costumes and makeup!

Be who God has created you to be!

Then we won’t have to fear the night!

Because we are 100% free!

DP Photo Prompt ~ Treat

DP Prompt ~ Imaginary friend

Help please!!!!

I’ve lost 76 pounds eating healthy and exercising ….. But I’ve gained 30 back because I’ve allowed myself to….. Give up?
Please leave any encouraging words to help me get back on track 💕 thanks!!!

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How long will I stay..

Getting To Know You

You all are ever so kind to read my blog!!! Out of countless bloggers out there, you have taken the time out of your valuable schedule to read my thoughts…. That I’ve shared 💕 Thank you!!!!
I’m going to start what I will call “thankful Thursday” to where ….having taken notes from the incredible Opinionated Man over at Harsh Reality…. It’s going to be a meet and greet . I want to get to know you… And likewise 💕

With that said, feel free to leave your blog address, a poem, or thoughts in other forms here that you want to share and i will do my best to respond to each ☺️