Hunting For The Mark
Chaos leaps around you, 

waiting to trap your very soul –

Enticing you to miss the mark-

To forget what you know.
But stand firm, keep in line 

with God’s valuable Word.

Don’t forget your Anchor point,

Or everything is a blur!
Hold your bow with poise;

Three fingers under notch –

Holy spirit, God, and Jesus have your back,

So the outside noise you’ll block.
Be sure to maintain consistency;

Stretch the bow frame till it hurts!

All this may seem impossible, 

yet obedience is great worth!
Quickly Act for time is running out!

The end is quite near!

Trust your Coach to guide you;

At your score He will cheer!
For you will kill temptation;

The desire to want to sin;

Missing the mark is painful,

So keep your eyes on Him!