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Football Anyone?

Football Anyone?

Cowboys and the Packers-

It’s football, not a fight;

Dear friends are sitting together

To make America right.

Both have different views

About how our nation should be-

Each stand for what they believe in:

To keep America free.

Yet what is freedom really?

To force our views on others?

To truly go against what we want …

And hate our sisters and brothers?

Hate is such a strong word-

But isn’t that what we do?

We look past the beliefs,

And hate people for points of view.

Couldn’t we instead be like Jesus,

And listen to their heart…

And make America great again

With a brand new start?

Begin with a game of football-

Or something that fancies your delight;

Become friends sitting together

To make America right.


Eyes Of The Storm

Ανατολή ηλίου (Sunrise)

Ανατολή ηλίου (Sunrise)

Here I lie in the darkness

But I am not afraid;

A mighty peace fills me;

God is in this place.

Here I lie in the darkness

Time says please be still;

Yet my mind is racing-

What’s my Father’s will?

Here I lie in the darkness

Nothing can I see;

Except the dreams that inspire

Jesus set me free!

Here I lie in the darkness

Reminded of my past;

From the moment of birth,

To the very last.

Here I lie in the darkness

Reminded of God’s Truth

That brings sweet Victory;

Now What am I going to do?

Here I lie in the darkness

Watching the Morning slice with Light

Reminding me it’s time to get up

And walk The Path that’s Right

Bags and Burns …S’up?

There are still so many videos that have been made, and even more waiting 😁 find the videos at our YouTube address:

I have an appointment and after that I’ll post new ones here 😎

What Shall You Then Say?

It is Saturday. The elections are over and so is Thanksgiving. I’m preparing to take an eschatology test on Tuesday. Eschatology is the study of the end times events.
My textbook states on page 35 of ‘eschatology: a study of things to come’-

“in the past God spoke… Through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through him he made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word” (Hebrews 1:1-3) 
I must ask myself “How am I reflecting Christ?”
My textbook continues:
Do not let many details of end-time prophecy take your mind off your friendship and relationship with this incomparable Christ. He loves each of us so much that he left his glorious abode, came down to live as one of us, and To die that we might be set free from the bondage of sin. What a wonderful, wonderful Savior!”
I am pondering how blessed I am. Yet, so many times I’ve been so frustrated with my husband (i’m not going to name his mistakes). During those times I spent too much time and energy on being mad at him; for a time that fire consumed me, it blinded me of what I am truly blessed with-my husband loves me! I know there are things I do that he hates, but what does it truly matter? We both have our differences, and we are not God. It’s so perfect that I am not God because I judge, hate, and criticize far too quickly! Yet God, he loves me …. knowing my mistakes. He wants me to forgive quickly because, despite what I am fool to believe, life is very short! Besides, I may learn something through trying to understand my husband. 
How dare I try to think that I am better than my husband; that I can be furious with him because of a mistake! Am I perfect? No. I don’t have enough fingers to count my mistakes. Perhaps instead of adding mistakes, I should use my hands to hold my hubby, to hug him for loving me the way I am. Jesus did. He stretched out his arms because of love. It’s why he came to this earth. Not to teach us to take sides, to build walls and wage war. Jesus came to give us love. 
The same Savior who made a way for me, will one day come back for me. Will he find me full of hate and criticism, full of judgment? Or will I mirror the same love and forgiveness Christ has shown me?
So I must ask myself, if I can’t trust God to help me forgive my husband now whom God gave to me, how Can I expect God to help me through to the very End?
Will I be with those in anguish, weeping, and gnashing their teeth (Matthew 22:13) because I allowed my heart to be full of hate, jealousy and fear? Or will will I be able to rejoice in Heaven because I was victorious because I choose to mirror Christ (Revelation 21:7)?
Jesus, we need you!!

Avoiding The Garden Of Temptation 

In 100 words or less how do you think the story will go if Adam and Eve were victorious in their first temptation ? I’ll explain more in another post 😀
I’ll go first. This is how mine would look:
With smells and sights unknown to us, Adam and Eve strolled through the bountiful vibrant garden; their hands interlocked with each other’s. Their pulses were strong as their lungs pumped air freely throughout their bodies.
Waiting for them to pass by, the serpent chose the highest place in the Tree of Knowledge, for he despised crawling on his belly! This cold creature watched Adam and Eve enjoy luscious fruits and brightly coloured vegetables. He thought about how the other animals had knocked dirt in his face. So when eve was an earshot away he asked her, “has God indeed said, “you shall not eat of every tree in the garden?”
Smiling as she stood in the cool of the day, she replied, “you know, it’s best you ask God Himself, since he did make the rules.” Eve then walked away.

I Vote For Life!

It is crucial that I see my extreme value. I must remember what Christ did on the Cross, not only for me, but for each person, ever. There are times I catch myself reflecting on my faults, thinking of ways I could have done better. Sometimes I have tried extremes to feel pretty. I’ve compared my life to someone else’s desiring that I had it all together like them, wishing certain events hadn’t taken place in my life. I’m guilty of counting my mistakes – big and small. 
I could begin writing a detailed list of everything mentioned above and have you join me for a humongous pity party – but that is not my goal. 
See, Jesus died on the Cross because He longed to save us (Romans 5:8); The Bible says we were all born into a world of sin (Romans 5:12) – Adam and Eve were the first to be deceived by God’s enemy, Satan (see Genesis 3). We have all been deceived by God’s enemy because we were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), we each worship God with our lives (Psalm 100), and God loves us with an everlasting love (Romans 8:31-39). Each of us have made mistakes in one form or another. Some blunders may seem WAY bigger than others! From our angle, we might think that our bloopers keep us from every being victorious – this is EXACTLY how the devil wants us to feel – defeated. This is NOT how God wants us to live! Our mighty Creator sees our potential, our beauty that nothing in this world can equal, our value and worth that no price could EVER match. He loves us when we are unlovable and God has loved us from before time began (Ephesians 1:3-6).
Peter denied the question three times when asked if he was one of Jesus’ disciples (John 18:15-27)! Peter betrayed Jesus, but God forgives. He wants us to forgive, this includes ourselves. After Jesus had victoriously rose again, He restored Peter by asking him to feed His sheep – “Do you love Me more than these? (John 21:15-17)” He commissioned Peter to teach people because God saw Peter’s potential. Jesus didn’t hold a grudge. He knew Peter’s heart and forgave him. After the day of Pentecost, when the disciples were instructed to wait in the Upper Room, Peter didn’t run away. He knew he was forgiven because when the Holy Spirit gave Peter boldness, he spoke confidently to a crowd numbering in the thousands (Acts 2:14-24).
Just like Peter, there are many things that can distract us and pull us away from remembering that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; that we each have been saved by Grace; that we don’t need to be anxious about anything. We are far more valuable than anything else in the creation—and our King does an AMAZING job caring for what was formed by His hands! We have a future and THERE IS HOPE. It is because of Christ that we are free – we don’t have to live under condemnation! (Psalm 139:13-16; Ephesians 2:4-9; Matthew 6:25-34; Matthew 10:31; Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8:1-39)
So speak Scripture when the voice of doubt tries to trip you, the lies of the enemy try to suffocate you, or the devil tries to drown you in your past. Jesus spoke Truth when the enemy found Him at his weakest moments (Matthew 4:1-11). God used those times of trial to prepare Jesus for what He had come to earth to do. I need to remember this. God will use my momentary trials to build my strength for major storms. HE will see me through. It might not play out the way I think it should, but the end result is always far better than what I could ever imagine. And as I hold fast to Christ, I will one day see all those who have gone before me, who have had trials very similar to mine. But for now, I choose to remember not from where Christ has brought me, but I want to focus on Where I am going. I want to share this incredible news with everyone so that they may have LIFE and have it FAR more ABUNDANTLY!
I’m so glad I never have to feel alone. I will never regret the day I asked Jesus into my heart. He’s given me the Holy Spirit to guide me, Who is there when no one else is able. I’m thankful for the relationship I have with our God that I can talk to Him at any moment. God knows my thoughts before I speak them. Countless friends will always be there, yet I know life can get crazy busy! And that’s ok. Jesus is never too busy. He is always here to listen to me; He will never walk out of our relationship. 
Have you ever made a choice to follow Christ? 

What lead you to that decision?

Would you like invite Christ into your life right now?

Please feel free to personal message me. 
Never forget that you are not alone. You are a mighty treasure with extreme worth!

Dressed Up In Leather 

Would you purchase a genuine leather messenger bag, purse, diaper bag, iPhone case, wallet or any other item ? If so, how much would you want to pay? What qualities are you looking for on that item?

Off To The Races!!

I need some help: real soon the Royal Ranger Derby will take place. I have half of my car planned out…. Yet I’m stuck on one part. What image inspires you when you think of the word “love”?
You’ll see pics later 🙂
Thank you for your input 🙂

A Hare-raising Night

I need to close my eyes…. Until next time 💕