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Tick-Tock, Will It Stop?

Tick-Tock, Will It Stop?

Moments away before we turn a new year;

Walking with hope, ignoring our fear.

Will anything change? That’s up to me-

To make the right choices on how to be free.

I could easily sit in my pjs all day

ordering out; having my way…

as time leaks past… waiting for none-

everyone changes… but I am just one.

I’m safe with the choices that I make;

here in my pjs, there’s no give and take…

but what if I lived through another heartbeat;

Would I be happy? Would I be me?

What would I do? What choices surround?

Would I be lost? Could I be found?

Who would I follow? Who would I teach?

What are the tools with the world I would reach?

My blood would stay red; and as long as I have breath,

what good’s pajamas as long as there’s death?

Is it really freedom in my pjs I ignore,

life around the world, just outside my front door?

Moments away before we turn a new year;

walking with hope, ignoring our fear;

may I open my eyes and open my heart;

live like my Savior from the very start!

Jesus, help me improve lives… starting with mine;

I have to hurry up now before there’s no time.


Leatherwork Basics

Here is my hubby’s first leatherwork teaching video. He’s a beginner sharing what he is learning 💕

A Moment To Breathe

A Moment To Breathe

Thirty two years ago we met after Church;

little did we know we we’d ever promise our word-

to love each other faithfully and hold each other close…

here we are today; Only God would ever know

that dinner and a movie would lead to so much more-

of finding out what love is; where no one’s keeping score.

I love your gentle smile and the way you look at me;

how time seems to stop when we begin to breathe….

I’m truly blessed to be your wife and you my faithful husband;

So many memories that we share…yet we’ve only just begun!

Joy To The World!!!

Joy To The World!!!

‘‘ ‘Tis the day before Christmas and music is heard

in Churches about the world as they study God’s Word.

People are sending gifts ‘round the world to spread cheer…

the delight of the receivers how I wish we can hear;

chickens and cows and alpacas too;

will feed precious families…it’s definitely not a zoo!

Eggs and milk with fertilizer will provide –

a village with groceries as the Holy Spirit guides.

But wait! There’s more! The red and green shoe box

are filled with toys and supplies for every aged tot…

which travels the world to find their new home-

with the message at Christmas, “you’re not alone”.

I must smile at each bell ringer next to a tiny red pot,

who stands in weather that’s never usually hot;

not for themselves, but for people unknown-

to help them see Jesus through the love that is shown.

Right now I want to thank our first responders and their families…

who give up their lives as we have our festivities –

Yet, words are never enough-for each time they’re called,

they obediently suit up and give it their all.

To everyone listed, including the life reading-

I pray mighty strength to face your every evening;

that indescribable Peace will rule each day,

and you find that you’re the gift upon the sleigh…

that’s parked before the tiny manger

where no one should ever feel like a stranger;

For we are the reason God came to this earth;

to teach us to live, remind us our worth-

that we should forgive, just as we’re forgiven…

no matter the wrong; a pardon we’re given.

With all the grace that beautifies our world;

Merry Christmas to all; every boy and every girl!