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As Eagles

Painting With My Eyes Shut

Our Maker was here 

before we were

painting the earth with love.
When did His canvas 
begin to crack –
pooling its oil …
destroying the picture ?
Our Creator breathed 
before we…
Swirling pigment 
into existence .
How can color separate,
attempting to destroy 
the Rainbow?
What picture 
are we sending 
by trying 
to control the brush,
when masterpieces 
build every fiber 
of our entire canvas?

Tiny Hearts

With More than Feathers

Clues to the Future

Blood Bought

Oh, To Run!

More Than Cells

So tiny;

Many shapes
and sizes
even a variety of color.
Many carried by the wind;
Others planted 
by a plan.
Each require
sunlight ,
and wind
in order to grow.
Some will become 
shade, building materials, paper….
Others provide
Nourishment, medicine…
Many will be
Worn, wrote upon….
Yet ALL will provide
Beauty and clean air.