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Flower Girl And Ring Bearer

Flower Girl And The Ring Bearer

Pedals fall; carefully collected;

Sewn within the heart

Rings bind more than fingers together-

It’s Life from the start.
A twinkle in his eyes; a glance from hers;

Plans become one.

This flower begins to blossom in The Light

The scent…evidence of fun!
Beautiful are the lives of those

 who live as one; but two-

Precious are the lives 

Who grow from this exquisite view!!


Invigorating Darkness 

Invigorating Darkness

Darkness hides me as I’m wrapped beneath Your wing

Amid my nightmare that seeks my life

I hear Your Spirit sing-
“Be still my child, feel My Heart

I know that you’re afraid

But remember like you too-

This one, by Me, was made.
Confusion also holds him captive

He seeks Freedom too.

Pray he sets his drums down 

And picks up The Truth.
No longer will either of you have to hide;

I’ll always hold you near;

With every breath you take-

Remember that I’m here.”

Eagle One

I’ve been working on this tonight :

Eagle One

Been working on this one….redid the inside. Outside is almost done.  Then urethane it ☺️

A River Runs Through 


A River Runs Through 


Two Emerge 

This is for a lady who has overcome an addiction for six months


Still needs a lot of work….