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Zen Proverb


One Word Wonder #1 – Emotions

Miss Lou Acquiring Lore


Write One word – an emotion that sums up how you are feeling right now.

One word.

Feel free to use the thesaurus and come up with a weird and wonderful word to describe your emotion.

Feel free to share the link to one of your recent posts if it relates to how you are feeling.

Then, using one sentence explain why you are feeling that emotion – only if you want to and you can.

If you don’t know why, write that too.

I’m going to use these single words to create a community word graphic.

The aim is to create a series of these graphics with different themes and place in a central location.

More to come when I don’t have #Thunderbrain.

One Word Wonder Emotions 1 January 2014 Border

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Tell me about the…

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I write to you because…

I write to you because….


From Where The Night Ends

What form of light
would you use
to illuminate a room ?
Why turn on a lamp?
When will you
ignite the flame?
How will you
keep the candle glowing ?
Who will you
pass the torch to?

Invisible stars

Write, Write, Write, Sleep, Write

When times get hard
Keep pushing through
Stars are still present in the day time
You may not be able to see them shine
But they exist
So does the next step in your life

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Groundhog Day

Looking to God

Every February the second or so, my kids and I pop some corn, grab a few drinks, and ease into our seats in front of the TV to lose ourselves in the movie Groundhog Day. It’s been a tradition in our family for quite a while. Every few years even my wife joins in on the fun. What is it about Groundhog Day that makes me want to be a better person? Let’s find out and chalk my findings to Freedom Friday.

Let’s get one thing out of the way—this is not a movie review. These are random thoughts about a movie, how it’s affected my life and continues to affect my life from one year to the next. Besides, something about a guy who goes crazy believing he’s a god makes for an interesting story. We’ll get back to that a little later on.

If you haven’t…

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The Daily Opinion – Writing

The Daily Opinion – Writing.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City.

poem- gifts

Shawn L. Bird

It’s a moment

a tiny time gift

break for a breath

a rest,

closed eyes.

Empty space

on this snowy day

to fill as you will



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