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Womb to wings-
Many years
I have wept
knowing this time
would arrive…
Yet your flight
brings Joy
as I see you soar
upon the wings
of Faith!
there is not
an empty nest;
It is full
of Memories
and those
waiting to be made.


A Type Of War

“I dare ya!” – mere child’s play…. What’s so tempting ?
If I accept,
what consequences
Will be faced by me …
And possibly countless others?
If I walk away ,
don’t I determine
the outcome
for all involved?

Hanging Around

Lessons From Hangers


  1. They have no ears, but two shoulders to carry weight.
  2. The bar that connects the shoulders, holds more than just pants.
  3. Twisted with no complaints.
  4. Their hook, which is part of their purpose, provides great security for the weight they carry.
  5. Have been known to open locks and reach the unreachable.
  6. They are said to multiply when thrown into a closet.
  7. When bent out of shape, they are still used for many purposes.
  8. People have cut them into several parts for various needs.


What I’ve learned:


  1. I can help others as I am able.
  2. My Core enables me to “do” more than just “be”.
  3. I can learn how to be more thankful.
  4. Who I am created to be will be used to bring others security.
  5. God has used people to “unlock” and “reach” me…I need to be ready to “listen”.
  6. I need to spend time in my Prayer Closet, so my strength may be multiplied.
  7. I need to realize that through my mistakes, God works to show Grace and Forgiveness.
  8. When I feel all is lost…there is still a mighty Plan that includes me.

A Canadian U-Turn

A Canadian U-Turn.

Wonderful Or Wonder Why?

Birthed from a cloud…
a unique design… Cascades from unknown whereabouts
parachuting onto stage..
each with a solo performance:
To reflect light at night…
the strength
of their illumination growing
as they join together.
Some boo and hiss
each pageant
as others are
almost teary eyed watching
their whimsical dances
to classical music
while sipping favorite hot beverages before treasured novels.

Me First

In less than a week
countless people
will gather together to celebrate….
yet I must ask, “what is there to celebrate?”
It’s supposed to be 2014,
The New Year….
But what’s different about it
if I am unwilling
to change?

A Type of Cartography

Leaves from trees
fall gently
upon the next page number ….
Without a map,
I watch
Pen and ink
draw each character
through surroundings
that untangle story lines
as time unravels….
Perhaps one day
I will find you
among the pages
of A Good Book.