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Full Bloom

The sky is overcast with off and on showers. The temperature says it’s 40 degrees but I think it’s more closer to 35 or colder with the wind. It’s supposed to be spring out. Doesn’t that mean the air is supposed to feel more like 60’s and above with the sun shining all the time?

But you know what I saw when I took my dogs out? Buds on my lilac bush! They didn’t care about the cold temps, the wind, the gloom. These tiny buds were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing along with so many others around the rest of the bush. Which reminds me that I need to keep my focus on what I need to be doing; blooming despite my surroundings….knowing that my petals and aroma will bring beauty, joy and pleasure to someone, somewhere……and especially our Creator ❤



morning, noon, and night

morning, noon, and night.

Noah Movie

Have you seen the movie “Noah”? Here’s the trailer:,+ND&dq=noah+movie&sort=1&mid=12f63fa88d09c3e8&sa=X&ei=zX5hU83QKcup8QHJ3YCoAw&sqi=2&ved=0CCsQwAMoBg


Well, if you’re in Grand Forks, North Dakota and are free on Wednesday nights, my pastor is going to discuss the movie starting the first Wednesday in May, comparing how it balances with what the Bible really says about what happened. If you are curious, our services start at 6:30 p.m. at Valley Christian Center 3920 Cherry Street, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201. I hope to see you there 🙂


Oh, and I hear we are going to have lots of goodies afterward! Yummie!! So bring your questions and an appetite ❤

The Medicine Doctor

***Wipes away dust, coughing from excess amounts***


It has been far too long since I have written a post! Sure, I have posted a few awesome selections, yet….please forgive me for staying away. I have been sick and am still sick, but I have the most awesome doctors taking care of me, along with countless people praying for me, not to mention a TOTALLY COOL God healing me too. As I have in the past, my focus was on my storm, and not on the One who could calm my storm.


I have missed looking through your eyes, reading your posts and sharing my world with you. Saturday Stews have not been warming hearts as they should be or Flashback Fridays….those are always fun and too many have passed.


You all are such a beautiful treasure worth far beyond any material possession this earth has to offer and I look forward to getting to know each of you as much as I can 🙂


Χριστός ἀνέστη!

The most amazing, emotional story ever told in song/video

The most amazing, emotional story ever told in song/video.

Happy Easter Everyone <3

I pray you have a happy and blessed Easter and know just how very much you are loved , because you are worth every moment ❤ John 3:16

Balanced strength

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Living a life, like most everyone else
Balancing thought, faith , need
Amongst the status quo.
Who we are,
Reflections of ourselves
If we sleep well at night
What we believe shouldn’t matter
Except between ourselves and
Our consciousness.
I am me
You are you,
I could not change
A thing,
But you wake each day
in your belief system and I in mine,
We respect each other,
LoVe each other
Believe in each other
And that is our life.
This universe has brought me to be
Who I am,
I can sleep, dream, believe,
I have it all at the touch of my finger
Peace being grounded,
Woods that embrace me as their own,
My world as I know it.
My friends in the great world,
I hear you, I read you,
I cry and laugh with you,
Just in case on this fine evening you who wrote words

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I Would Gather All The Words

IF I could hold this bouquet forever and cherish it’s aroma forever as I delight in your dancing, your living, your wooing…thank you is not enough.

A Holistic Journey

If I could I would gather all the words from the wild, pick them like berries     and press them into these pages to     bleed them, beautiful, into my notebook I would chase syllable streams that refresh dry banks and stop. at the quarry where I will cut confused hands on stone,     going through the   ruins of my       dreams and I will bottle my cries to     pour over the altar of my art If I could I would answer the laughter in the wind, unravel the rhetoric of the rain,     and walking dirt and gravel transcribe     the vernacular of city streets I would record every note of joy from children and undo the silence of grandmothers,     ask them   about dogged hope I would keep on west of my despair, right through the dying sun and spell     the sunrise as he lights…

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