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Is It The Sandman?

Is It The Sandman?
I’m laying in the dark,

Trying to calm my heart;

I can’t sleep a wink.

Afraid of the noise I heard;

Could it be a bird?

I have to make a stink!
Hubby please wake up.

I have had enough;

I can’t even rest!

Please check out the sound,

To what may come around;

My hero pass the test….
I am right behind you,

Though I can not move;

Do you see what I dread?

Nothing seems to be there-

But what could give me that scare?

Let us go back to bed.
Thank you for saving my life!

Come Snuggle with you wife….

For a moment I’ll shut my eyes.

Comfy in your embrace ;

Sleep covers my face-

Go to sleep…. just try.


Targeting stress

Targeting Stress
The string is stretching, my wood is bent…

Don’t know how much longer till I snap;

This tension is beginning to get to me….

Yet, I can feel Your mighty grasp.
Your touch is what makes me flexible,

And prepares me for the target ahead;

Hold me closer than ever before-

Letting go is what I dread.
Yet, together we can hit the target,

And stress will run away;

Because I am within Your grasp,

I’ll get to shoot another day.


With memorial day coming up I wanted to share these poems :
The Colors Of Our Flag
Shots are heard from across the ocean;

Our world is a little safer tonight.

Someone will be resting too,

Because they saw through our eyes….
Sitting here writing these words,

As explosions rearrange geography;

I’m worried about what to wear tomorrow…

When others fight to keep us free.
How can I complain about this or that 

And demand to have things done my way?

Have I become a thankless enemy-

When so many heroes sacrifice each day?
Taps Across The Ocean 
Broken hearts and broken hopes 

in what seems a world away;

Blood baths don’t ever clean anyone-

Loved ones fight every day;
Men and women who volunteer,

Knowing they might not come back….

Giving all for our freedom here-

Their love doesn’t lack.
Moms, dads….all family and friends;

Even sons and daughters too-

Wear their uniforms for their country…

But are they the forgotten who?
Graves blanket this whole earth,

Holding memories never forgot;

Each one should be told of

Freedom which was sacrificially bought….
So that you and me may enjoy the sun,

Ride a bike, laugh with a friend-

Pray with me each every day……

That this war on life will end.


Sam O’DonnellGood morning 💕
Many of you may not know that today I’m having a bronchoscopy done at 9am.   
It all stArted because I wanted to renew my glasses prescription. I have tones of floaters an circular lights in my Side vision and other things so they sent me to an ophthalmologist who ended up giving me a chest X-ray then a CT scan which revealed I have nodules or nodes on my lungs which the doctor wants to find out what they are so they will biopsy them.
I’m a little afraid because anything can happen during the procedure…. the worst, I could die. 
I believe God is going to carry me through this and have me write many more posts to encourage you with💕
Have you ever felt like me; afraid of the unknown…. forcing yourself not to stress, because you’ve got this?
John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
When I was 18 I dedicated my life to seeking out who God is; I wanted to know him soooo much more than I already had. Today I don’t regret that choice one bit and I still want to know the God of this universe sooooooo much more. 💕
I have had my ups and downs, ins and outs an however it could be phrased….. yet God has been faithful as His Word promises and I don’t believe I could have lived this life without Him 💕
So I invite you to get to know our loving God 💕 there is so much that is most incredible 💕 there will be times it will appear that He’s not there or the enemy has God take the blame. But if you will simply trust Him through the good and the bad….. the riches are far greater than we could ever ask or think 💕
Until tomorrow 💕

Thy Word

Thy Word
Trust is not a stand alone word,

But is accompanied by Faith;

Character and wisdom are too,

And often there is grace….
Sometimes it is difficult to accept

Words that are meant to help,

When all my emotions right now 

Want to hide me on a shelf.
But emotions can’t be trusted,

Trust is my best friend;

Along with faith and character…

Grace’ll help me win again.