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From the tears of heaven..

Hope was born..

Yet Through the many storms..

It could endure

no more..

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Nature on canvas

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Insomnia, I hate you! 

So much is on my mind….

May as well get out of bed

Since I have the time.

This can be done, and that too;
Look at over there!

Forget it and grab your Bible –

So much to take to prayer.

I’ll just sit here in my cozy couch 
Where shall I begin?

Tired eyes are beginning to fight me;

Pillow moves in for the win!

The Directory

The Directory
So many faces pass me by 

Each carrying a grand story;

I recognize a few of them –

Help me to give You glory….

By saying ” hello! My name is,”

Then listen for their reply….

“Yes, you may not know me –

But I know I’d love to try.

We could make some memories together,

Even for an hour or two?

Perhaps we’ll a park, coffee or lunch;

Just to name a few.”

Blind’s-Man Bluff

Blind’s-man Bluff 
These Glasses are heavy and they’ve gotten dirty. 

How do I get them clean?

My eyesight is failing me – basically blind – 

The Glasses make me Free.

Without them, I stumble and fall

These Specs show me the Truth

They might be a bit painful to wear,

But they guide me in what to do.

For when they are clean, I can see clearly-

That’s when I choose them to wear.

My dirty fingerprint get in the way…

Look close and you’ll see a smear….

From being fickle from taking them on and off;

Once they almost broke!

My relationship with my Glasses were zilch

And I failed to carry His Yoke. 

But now I know I need Them, these Glasses He’ll clean real well;

Then I will continue to carry The King’s yoke today –

Forever His Story I’ll tell!

Frightening Shadow

Frightening Shadow
A humongous mountain before me;

I could be on the other side 

Instead I chose to stay here

Complacency helped me to hide. 

But now time is quickly running out;

Failure’s about to crush me!

Where do I look to find the Short Path

That I may be set completely free?

What? There is no shortcut !

I’m to focus on The Way?

If I keep my eyes straight ahead

You promise there’s no delay?

You say it’s up to me, my actions now;

Time is in my hands.

Grace is given so freely to me;

I pray I don’t mess up this plan!

Game Of Pick Up

Game Of Pick Up
Only three but quite a threat –

So small, but such mighty screams!

Weather of emotions changing constantly…

No umbrella, as it seems.

But who’s in charge? The child or me?

 How do I find out?

The answer seems outside the door;

I’ll leave now with my doubt!

Wait a minute! You’ll miss the treasure,

Just inside the kid’s heart.

Take a moment to count to ten;

Then get a brand new start.

After the tantrum has settled down,

When the toddler has grown sleepy…

The child will give in and do as told –

Encouragement helps, believe me.

It’s then the treasure can be seen

But it does take time to grow;

The babe is learning to act in life,

Because there was time to sew!


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