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To hold your hand..

As we walk..

under the new summer light..

Share the world..

I see..

With your love in my heart..

Is the only wish..

I will ever have..

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

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I Love a Challenge

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It is on YouTube! I love a challenge! I will be the next Youtube star. I just know it. I am so pretty. So very pretty.

Why conquer one mountain when you can attack the whole mountain range? Desire drives us and motivates us to want more. We want more because some of us have so little. That is not a bad thing and regardless what they say outliers can be made. They can be created by that same desire to want more. Push yourself to touch the stars and use falling stars as your drive. We are only as great as we push ourselves to be.



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You Didn’t Know I Kissed You Tonight

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Night has pressed her hand to your eyes. Deep in stories written by moonlight, you
fly dragons over magic rivers and lead clone armies through the red dust of Mars.

I follow your brows, lashes, these long limbs – they are the lines of your biography.
Hands that build Lego tales and castles, draw warbirds, roll out sixteenth triplets;
these hands feel older now. Who will they lead? Who will they hold? I’m watching you
outgrow this bed but you refuse to outgrow the smell of your mother’s skin. You bury
your face in my shirt and come up sated, remembering the milk and my heartbeat.

When you are my heart.

There’s so much you want to know and I don’t have the answers, things for astronomers
and professors to tell. And you didn’t know I kissed you tonight and a thousand times
past and will kiss you through all…

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Share Your Blog – All Bloggers Welcome

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Since I no longer do guest posts or reblogs I will offer more sharing opportunities for people if they choose to take them. These posts are for self-promotion and to help you all to find other active bloggers since many people “claim” they can’t find people to talk to.

Feel free and share blog links, posts, prompts, shares, community opportunities both online and off, or whatever you feel like. These threads fill up fast so you may post more than once, just don’t flood the board please.

Have a great week bloggers!


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Remember Me Again 

here’s an update 


Some day..

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The name..

I have yet to speak..

The love..

That could never be..

The longing..

I wish..

She could feel..

Some day..

I hope..

All will see..

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

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Remember Me

the Holy Spirit is currently helping me with: 



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