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Flashback Friday

Pictures paint sites everywhere I go, it seems. I love looking into each of the photos, almost hearing the sounds that brought this photo to life.

Today I am hoping to start a type of a Flashback Friday for me, using what I’ve posted. I pray you enjoy the journey back with me. So grab another cup of your favorite drink and click the hyperlink 🙂

Flashback Friday 2

This is my sister and me at our high school prom. It is the year 1986 that I met my hubby and danced with him in this very dress, staring into each other’s eyes the whole time ❤


The Opinionated Man, A Modern Legend: An Insider Look, Part 2



The Opinionated Man, A Modern Legend: An Insider Look, Part 1

The Daily Opinion-Opinion vs. Fact


It’s hard to say whether I base my opinion off of opinions or facts. I try to be well educated on a topic before I make any conclusions, but let’s face it, we often base our opinions off of how we feel about something. And maybe once we learn more about it, our opinion will change because we feel differently about it.

Then we often get our news from talk shows and talk shows are generally opinionated in themselves, so we’re only getting one half of the story. I like to hear both sides before I really decide what I think is right. I don’t think there is any news that isn’t biased. And like social situations, it’s better to stay neutral until you have a decent argument against or for a certain topic.
My biggest pet peeve though is when people are so opinionated that they haven’t even thought…

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