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Together We Stand

My hubby and I are working in our art office. He makes leather bags and I wood burn. 
Well, I’m sorting pens and pencils. This container the pens are going into is a bit large….so the pens fall, every time. But as more and more are put into the container,they are more stable.

We are like that. We need people. And each one of you has value and worth…you are precious beyond measure 💕
Love you 😉🐾🎶


Half expecting balloons to come out of the house :D

There is..

Strength, Innocence & Foundation.

Agreed 💕

Weekend Share?

Art Update

So much more to do… very little time!   

Writer’s Quotes Wednesday and #Bewow

Jsack's Mom's Blog

I was flipping through my camera role looking for outdoorsy photos. I came across so many pictures of my kids, adventures we had taken, and special moments shared. The one I chose was this autumn picture taken from my favourite spot in my backyard. I lay out in my lounger chair and look up at this tree sharing my thoughts and feeling comforted and protected by its presence and beauty.

This is a submission toWriter’s Quotes Wednesday from Siver Threading and #BewowWriter’s Quotes Wednesday and Be a Wonderful Writer check out all the talent pouring forth from that creativity cup. 😃

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