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Subject To Change

Tiny handprints , cradled through faith, now five times the size. Escaping the kingdom to seek your own rule…. It’s important to find your private castle. A knight among rules forged by your hand who defends a mighty heart …..The Majesty’s ring sits in a box while you study each subject – taking and giving in return. Young handprints calloused by life …. I pray my kings sign a peace treaty soon.


Things I Want My Children To Know

Things I Want My Children To Know.

Jumping Elephants

Jumping Elephants.



Day After Thanksgiving

We Marvel at comics in D.C . But that’s not where the true heroes are . They sacrifice what’s taken for granted…though we watch the same sun set, Black Friday’s a war they won’t win; these Champions face lines that have been crossed and the wind has scrambled the mark…. It’s my prayer as shoppers put up their weary feet and soak their achy bodies , thinking of the craziness of it all…. They remember Who gives us this privilege …

Paging The Janitor

Feelings splattered across the room ;
A soggy rag left to clean up the mess…
Breathe Life into these torn threads
So we may pass the Test!

Classical Harmony

Long bows shoot across the metal… dusting with white powder – listening to and waltzing with each serenade; for every dirge, weeping alongside; marching to full staccato leading the way… Majorly in accord with minor detail to the Battle Hymn – ” Oh Captain, my Captain! Conduct this piece with Your Score !”