i was challenged by Wandering Poet to go list-y…. Sooooo….here are my lists:
5 reasons I love waking up really, super early:

1. I can read my Bible without much interruption.

2. I can exercise without much interruption.

3. I love the quiet!!!!

4. I can get more done.

5. I can almost guarantee I won’t be late for work.
5 reasons I love pyrography:

1. I love the smell of campfire!

2. I love wood!

3. I love creating on it.

4. I love working with others, learning together.

5. Wood is everywhere!!!!
Why I love archery:

1. It challenges me.

2. It’s something I can do with shin guards on my arm. 

3. Lots of movies include archery.

4. Dude Perfect is awesome!!

5. One day I want to shoot blindfolded, but that might be when I’m 90 šŸ˜‰