Dream Big, Dream Often

I was going to repost an oldie but a goodie this morning, but a few comments prompted an idea in my gut and I could not help but write. If I read this statement, “easier said than done,” once this past week I read it a dozen times. The statements were in response to my post Help Others To Help Yourself, https://dreambigdreamoften.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/unhappy-its-time-to-focus-on-others/. But what prompted my mind was the thought process behind the statement.
image credit: salsalabs.com

When I first read the “easier said than done” comments I was perplexed, but now I have a little more clarity. Here’s the blunt truth: life is not easy. Life can be hard, but it is not impossible. There are going to be times in life that will require you to make big changes in order to change a certain outcome. Often we live our lives wishing for change, but continuing to…

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