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Working Wood Advice

I am in the process of making an elephant derby car out of wood. As much as I want to display current pictures, for judging purposes I need to decline. However I would like to ask is there any advice you would like to share ? Thank you so much ❤


Preparing Rasp-berry

In just two Sundays from now we will be racing our cars down a high track. I’ve chosen the name “Rasp-berry” because later today, after class, I will use a couple of rasps that you see in the picture. Up until now I’ve only used a scroll saw and a lot with my dremel tool. Yet I had come to a spot I felt I would butcher my “baby” elephant. The Royal Ranger leader showed me these treasures. I am confident within the next few days my car will begin to be even more detailed 🙂 However , I think Rasp- berry looks as scared as I am about this race!