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Updated hasenpfeffer 

Rabbit Stew

Update: slow process….
Thank you so much EL Hauser for the precious photo ☺️

2 Not A Rabbit’s Foot

Here’s an update 💕 I am going to start a different box to give myself a breather 💕 thank you everyone for your support and likes and loves 💕 you each have an incredibly blessed day knowing that you were created awesome💞

Two Emerge 

This is for a lady who has overcome an addiction for six months

I Forever Salute You!


I Salute You!


Isn’t It Bunny?



The butterfly for fights for its life to get out of the chrysalis. I chose the butterfly for a friend who is very strong each day choosing not to look back at her past but to press on to the future which has so much waiting for her!!!

Almost There


Off To The Races!!

I need some help: real soon the Royal Ranger Derby will take place. I have half of my car planned out…. Yet I’m stuck on one part. What image inspires you when you think of the word “love”?
You’ll see pics later 🙂
Thank you for your input 🙂