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Wish You Were Here

Winter Roads

Yesterday I was out and about driving in the icy streets running errands with my son. Several times my car began to move in ways I wasn’t directing it. Panic began to creep in and I slowed down… WANTING to slam on the brakes, but knowing that’s NOT wise to do… It’s more of a type of coasting with a bit of acceleration, along with keeping both hands “at 10 and 2” as I maneuver my vehicle through the busy streets. One thing I was ever so thankful of is my 25 year old son’s tender “still small voice” encouraging me along. Don’t get me wrong… He can be very loud and booming… Like when having fun with his friends, or our dogs…. But at that moment, it was exactly what I needed to carry me through the stress … His calm gentle side .

Life can be icy too … Forcing people in dangerous directions.
1) don’t slam on the brake
2) slow down
3) don’t let go of the wheel
4) listen to “the still small Voice”

It may not seem like it now… But this season will end and spring will be here. Until then , drive carefully.


Invasion ?

Listening to the whispers of snow fall – a sticky sound as exquisite shapes whoosh by my ears and splat into a puddle on my coat , preparing the way for those that follow to band together in hopes of creating a blanket that forces me inside to fight back with temps that transform the white protest into a drippy mess. I’m debriefed with a cup of hot cocoa.