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To Exercise Or Not….

I completed the Second day week two of my cardio workout. I almost gave up but I knew I needed to make time. I didn’t want to lose what I have them working so hard on 馃槈


I’m Losing My Marbles

So far 10 marbles are in the jar, representing the pounds God has given me the strength and wisdom to lose 馃挄 I pack my lunch box with apples, halos, and bananas and I’ve added meat because a friend was worried I wasn’t getting protein. 

Turn Your Eyes To Breakfast

Turn Your Eyes To Breakfast 

Dinner has ended, it was delish!

I had dairy, a fruit, some veggies and meat;

An hour has passed; I saw a commercial 

with French fries…. Oh how I want to eat!

To taste just s few, with maybe some 

ice cream… Why not add a burger or two?

I’ll exercise twice as much tomorrow-

Burn these calories-Maybe an hour will do?

But right now I want it! I can just taste it!

I know I’ve lost a lot of weight…

I just won’t weigh myself tomorrow is all,   

I won’t hear what my my clothes will say;

They’ll be tight, or not fit… Oh look!

An hour has passed with this thought.

I think I’ll shut the TV off and go to bed, 

before more than regrets I have caught.

New Year Rules

I’ll go longer… 


What Have I Got To Lose?

Made this last night and I got to move 3 marbles 馃槑…. One wasn’t a full pound, but it’s off!!! Hallelujah 馃挄