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To Exercise Or Not….

I completed the Second day week two of my cardio workout. I almost gave up but I knew I needed to make time. I didn’t want to lose what I have them working so hard on 😉

I’m Losing My Marbles

So far 10 marbles are in the jar, representing the pounds God has given me the strength and wisdom to lose 💕 I pack my lunch box with apples, halos, and bananas and I’ve added meat because a friend was worried I wasn’t getting protein. 


Turn Your Eyes To Breakfast

Turn Your Eyes To Breakfast 

Dinner has ended, it was delish!

I had dairy, a fruit, some veggies and meat;

An hour has passed; I saw a commercial 

with French fries…. Oh how I want to eat!

To taste just s few, with maybe some 

ice cream… Why not add a burger or two?

I’ll exercise twice as much tomorrow-

Burn these calories-Maybe an hour will do?

But right now I want it! I can just taste it!

I know I’ve lost a lot of weight…

I just won’t weigh myself tomorrow is all,   

I won’t hear what my my clothes will say;

They’ll be tight, or not fit… Oh look!

An hour has passed with this thought.

I think I’ll shut the TV off and go to bed, 

before more than regrets I have caught.

New Year Rules

I’ll go longer… 


What Have I Got To Lose?

Made this last night and I got to move 3 marbles 😎…. One wasn’t a full pound, but it’s off!!! Hallelujah 💕