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Football Anyone?

Football Anyone?

Cowboys and the Packers-

It’s football, not a fight;

Dear friends are sitting together

To make America right.

Both have different views

About how our nation should be-

Each stand for what they believe in:

To keep America free.

Yet what is freedom really?

To force our views on others?

To truly go against what we want …

And hate our sisters and brothers?

Hate is such a strong word-

But isn’t that what we do?

We look past the beliefs,

And hate people for points of view.

Couldn’t we instead be like Jesus,

And listen to their heart…

And make America great again

With a brand new start?

Begin with a game of football-

Or something that fancies your delight;

Become friends sitting together

To make America right.


The Sound Of Bagpipes

The Sound Of Bagpipes
Hold My hands; I feel your pain.

Do you feel the scars?

Sometimes they hurt when I feel no one cares, but I’ll NEVER give up the war.

See, I won your place to stand with Me;

Your head looks up because of Hope!

No longer must you hang on for dear life

To the end of your rope…

Wondering if tonight you’ll fall

Because your strength is all gone.

Take My hands and we’ll walk together 

For this war has been already won!

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

Freedom, what does It look like?

To sleep soundly; to laugh out loud; its countless words; its silence; with the multitude or with the wind…..

Yet, so heavy the chains of hate;

Blind to freedom; blind to Life; different is eliminated!

How lonely this existence must be without Real Joy lighting the days!! 

Where are the dreams? Do nightmares hold them captive?

Precious life, do you know your worth? The eyes that read these words – your value is greater than anything this world has! 

You have so much to give!

Yet, how will you be free? 

One came to rescue all; One paid the price for Freedom; Do you hear His Name?

Help Me Fly

Ok….. I would like to ask your help:
What do you think I should add to the box? Each outside panel could display something, as well as each one on the inside. What words do you think should accompany this treasure?

Saturday Stew 5

Saturday Stew 5
We praise You for all that You have done, for thinking of us at the very beginning of time, when there was nothing….seeing us through until we are something because of Your great love for us. Lord, I pray that as we go through our days and nights, wherever we are….geographically, emotionally, spiritually, physically….may we be emptied out of our selfish ways and be filled with Your compassion, forgiveness, strength, endurance, healing, trust, boldness, love and whatever else we may need to complete that task You have given us to do.

Recently, I attended my first writer’s group where we began our discussion with where the topics of the movies and books have traveled through the years. I love the black and white movies where they are singing, and I go through a case of Kleenexes (I know it’s pathetic, really). Drama movies always get me as well. I’ve even been known to bring Kleenexes to Superhero movies.

Ok. Ok. Before you click yourself away from my site with all this icky sap….there is a purpose for stating the above. I love to write, mostly poetry because I have yet to find a way of when I start……um, where was I?

While stirring the pot for today’s Saturday stew, I thought about the blogs I’ve been reading and what I want to share. Here are just a few –

The post by Spiritbath tells of a soldier’s disobedience because he understood what love is. ;

AB’s post “Extinction” a poem about a war that never ends. ;

OM’s post about children being in the middle of countries at war. ;

Gimme Shelter Movie trailer

Gimme Shelter poem

and an incredible article by Holistic Wayfarer about a mother’s love and forgiveness.

“The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart; so be careful with your words.”

Proverbs 18:21 “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit-you choose.”

My words are powerful.

I’m not exactly sure where we are today in film or literature, but I know I can choose to start building bridges with my pen.

Your words are powerful. What would you like to add to this Saturday Stew?

If you would like to comment in private or would like prayer, write me at

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Answer Me

Where am I going?
Cells slowly disappearing !
Perception begins to fail
as my vision fades.
Pride has made me
injecting me with anger,
beating me with
the self esteem
that I should never
have tossed to the floor
to wipe my feet on .
After all ,
how could I fall,
if I’m already down ?
My heartbeat increases uncontrollably
through what is left
of this body.
Breathing becomes difficult
as rage
crushes my lungs.
Soon a fog
of jealousy
clouds my mind ..
I hear
Footsteps ….
shrieks …..
The sound of Steel
sliding against Steel…
Silence is divided,
then interrupted.
Soon after
an unknown
hits the ground.
Terror fills my mind
as I wait…
But I feel a Warmth
as my lungs inflate
through a slowing pulse.
Still confused
I focus on The Light
which penetrates
my blurred vision
….slowly sharpening.
Longing to see my Savior,
I struggle to stand,
so thankful for mobility.
Am I alone?
Where are the bold
to reveal
The Courageous Heart?
Are my Answers
in this Book
from where
The Light floods?

Operation Heartbeat

Each heartbeat pumps the same ;
Pushing blood around …
Whooshing through every tunnel
Every heartbeat has a sound.

It doesn’t play favorites to any race
The music is an unchanging song-
Revealing desire to stay alive
Forever wanting to belong .

The pattern is unique on the outside
Minds are passports covered with different stamps…
I pray our body is healed from this infection called “war”;
Listen to our Heartbeat and dance!

‘Til Death Do Us Part

If insanity
is doing the same thing
over and over,
expecting different results….
How will war
ever cease?
If forgiveness
builds bridges ,
where do we start?


Entrapped by masterpieces;
Unable to move
due to the chemical response
freezing me in place
with my mechanical pencil in hand.
Release me from this trance
that I may etch worlds
to escape to –
where The Oasis revives visitors
to face the relentless war.

A Type Of War

“I dare ya!” – mere child’s play…. What’s so tempting ?
If I accept,
what consequences
Will be faced by me …
And possibly countless others?
If I walk away ,
don’t I determine
the outcome
for all involved?