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Avoiding The Garden Of Temptation 

In 100 words or less how do you think the story will go if Adam and Eve were victorious in their first temptation ? I’ll explain more in another post 😀
I’ll go first. This is how mine would look:
With smells and sights unknown to us, Adam and Eve strolled through the bountiful vibrant garden; their hands interlocked with each other’s. Their pulses were strong as their lungs pumped air freely throughout their bodies.
Waiting for them to pass by, the serpent chose the highest place in the Tree of Knowledge, for he despised crawling on his belly! This cold creature watched Adam and Eve enjoy luscious fruits and brightly coloured vegetables. He thought about how the other animals had knocked dirt in his face. So when eve was an earshot away he asked her, “has God indeed said, “you shall not eat of every tree in the garden?”
Smiling as she stood in the cool of the day, she replied, “you know, it’s best you ask God Himself, since he did make the rules.” Eve then walked away.



Your gentle eyes probe past my brain looking deep within my heart;

Listening for more than a beat…finding the pattern.

Charts reveal little.

My words are your map.

Documentation and scales show victory.

Truth in layers can cover the problem.

You will keep me on your watch.


Butterfly’s Smile

Butterflies – so light and free,

gliding through the air in a free fall;

the wind carrying them, tossing them, pushing them…

not many struggles once they’ve fought their way out of the cocoon;

pressing up, pushing down, fighting through the wind and rain…

they’re only seen chasing the breeze as monarch’s carried away by it.

Breakfast At Sunrise

Only victorious were we

when running free,

stomping giants beneath

all our worth.

Yet now,

here we lay –

Beneath Golgotha’s toe;

the stench seems to laugh so deep.

Therefore it’s the Peace

that rises up within

which slays this monster to the ground!

Hold your mark;

for the sun has not yet set;

and we will celebrate Tomorrow!