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Moonlight Melody

Plaid tennis shoes kicking up snowflakes

under a blanket of song.

Two eyes locked with hearts dancing –

whispers echoing “I belong;

right here in your arms” –

grey whiskers, twinkling wrinkles –

we’re caught in time.

Treasure is found as all disappears,

we’re just warming up…

guarding with a passion what’s mine.

Though our wheels turn in different directions,

our hearts exist on the same Rod

Freedom is belonging to you, Sweetheart,

balanced between heaven and earth;

sealed with the promise of God.


Operation Heartbeat

Each heartbeat pumps the same ;
Pushing blood around …
Whooshing through every tunnel
Every heartbeat has a sound.

It doesn’t play favorites to any race
The music is an unchanging song-
Revealing desire to stay alive
Forever wanting to belong .

The pattern is unique on the outside
Minds are passports covered with different stamps…
I pray our body is healed from this infection called “war”;
Listen to our Heartbeat and dance!

Necessities Of Life

Eyes from a wheelchair
Watch name tags with legs
move past…..Ignoring frustration
from the seat.
Customers and Carts
full of many necessities
pattern cashiers isles.
A voice from behind
Captures authority
And the customer searches
for the conviction with a voice.
But embarrassment imprisons first ….
“just forget it!”
Pay It Forward
removes the shame
and says, “hello friend.”