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Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

Freedom, what does It look like?

To sleep soundly; to laugh out loud; its countless words; its silence; with the multitude or with the wind…..

Yet, so heavy the chains of hate;

Blind to freedom; blind to Life; different is eliminated!

How lonely this existence must be without Real Joy lighting the days!! 

Where are the dreams? Do nightmares hold them captive?

Precious life, do you know your worth? The eyes that read these words – your value is greater than anything this world has! 

You have so much to give!

Yet, how will you be free? 

One came to rescue all; One paid the price for Freedom; Do you hear His Name?


You’re Invited

Your eyes are a mirror image
of the reflection
dancing from The Rock;
The King’s smile is in your pupils,
as He watches you from afar-
yet holds you closer than
the beat of His heart.
Though the typhoons might attempt
to suck you in;
Though boots lay heavy on your heart;
His Majesty has a seat reserved just for you….
so take another breath and look around.

Starving For Truth

You’re the brush of the Wind that catches a breath;

Lullaby Salve for a damaged souls.

A Map is your Heart

Which is secure in the Upper Story.

Oh that they would hear the Music!

The whole earth would shake!

It would rain Joy everlasting;

Peace would sprout up and feed a World

starving for Truth.

Dreaming Rainbows

Walk with me through the earth
of each country;
listening to the sounds of their dreams;
I feel hands heavy pulling me
in every direction!
Songs of every Nation cry out!
From lullabies to declarations;
Now is the time to lift up your voice –
silent or not – He will hear you.
Pray for those who cannot pray
For themselves.
Speak for those who have gone
before you.
Stand strong, stand proud;
remembering we are dreaming