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The Sound Of Bagpipes

The Sound Of Bagpipes
Hold My hands; I feel your pain.

Do you feel the scars?

Sometimes they hurt when I feel no one cares, but I’ll NEVER give up the war.

See, I won your place to stand with Me;

Your head looks up because of Hope!

No longer must you hang on for dear life

To the end of your rope…

Wondering if tonight you’ll fall

Because your strength is all gone.

Take My hands and we’ll walk together 

For this war has been already won!

Free Fall

Free Fall
Giving a hand to help another up,

To help them find their call;

Round the clock you are giving, but

Who will be there when you fall?

Constantly being the eyes for us-

That we may stand on two feet;

All the time you’re going and doing-

Who will help you walk The Street?

Precious friend at times you might feel

Something’s missing to make you whole,

Because you don’t have the strength right now….

I want you to know:

Jesus has your back;

He’s ears when no one is around –

He will comfort your broken heart;

Pick you up when you’re upside down.

He will dry your eyes as you look through His;

Never leaving you behind-

God understands all your stresses….

He will help you to unwind.

So, just fall into His arms and just let go –

He will catch you and hold you tight!

Never alone are you in this world-

The Holy Spirit will help you fight!