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Find Me At The Library 

Find Me At The Library 
End Times? Is this the end of me?

What will I learn studying Eschatology?
I want my way, but I want His;

What way is the correct way to live?
I say I believe God, I better look at His Book…

And if I ever forget-take a second look.
Submission shows obedience, a Love so rare. 

What about my way? Does God even care?
My choices brought me trouble, I want to be set free!

I want to live in Heaven for an Eternity!
Yet, The End Times warns me the End is very near;

The Bible says if I really trust God, I don’t have to fear.
So each day I must make a choice, perhaps with every breath-

I choose to trust in Christ 

So I may win the Test!


Heart Stones To My Pulse

Heart Stones To My Pulse
Still my heart; bring me close;

Turn the volume down-

Chaos isn’t my type of music

To dance around the town.
Let me hear your voice singing

Whispering in my ear;

That you want to be next to me,

So I don’t have to fear.
My hand longs to be held …

And trace the outline of Your Face;

To feel the One Who’s rescued me-

Saved because of Grace.
With You I want to stop the clock

Together, breathe in and out

Too many things pull us away…

Try to drown us in our doubt.
Promise me before anything unforeseen happens… 

With everything you choose to get-

That you will never allow the enemy strength ….to fill you with regret.