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Saturday Stew 4

Sweet Lord, I thank You for all that You have done, for loving us like no one else does, for never leaving us, nor forsaking us….though we’ve run so far from You. I pray that as we feel the farthest from Life, full of the most pain…feeling sooo abandoned, that we know that we CAN call on You and you WILL answer us. I pray that we set aside ourselves and allow Your tender arms to hold, guard and heal us…that we may rejoice with You once again.


Yesterday my husband took me to the movie Gimme Shelter.  I totally recommend it!  Without giving away the movie (every part is incredible!), I would like to discuss it just a titch.


Apple, the main character, begins the movie in a setting and wants a change. When she tries to leave her current situation, the people there try to stop her…

The question I bring to the table this week is how do you overcome difficulties when you know you need to face a challenge? Where do you find support?


My challenge is my health.  The church I attend has a precious group called The Holy Huddle. We are only accountable to God, but are supportive to each other…and it’s through our Facebook site 🙂  When I am struggling with my health I pray, go to the Scriptures or my friends and family for prayer ❤


If you are facing a challenge and would like someone to pray through with you please email me at


Starting Saturday Stew

  Saturday Stew 2

 Saturday Stew 3


Saturday Stew 3


Dear Lord,


I thank You that You are always with us and never leave us even in our darkest moments.  I pray that as we go through our days that we KNOW Your presence is with us….not to tear down and crush, but to build up and value. Thank You again, amen!

Yesterday I posted this writing:


Choosing The Ambulance

Unknown hearts
extend their hands…
to offer
this injured help up.
What do these heroes think
when I pull back,
only accepting the familiar?
Curious I am
of those who
do not wait
for an invitation
in the midst of an emergency…
can they feel my pain?
And out of their strength
give me a fraction
of a portion?
Why am I selective
on where I draw
support ?



I’ve been dealing with various health issues, the latest…my back.  After the doctor examined me, while I was laying on my back, he said now I could get up.  He was going to stand by the bed as a guard and help me up as needed, but I was tired of being weak. I told him to step away. I wanted to use my muscles to help me work through this trial.  He did back off and I struggled away, remembering how to move from past experiences.  Eventually I made it to a seated position upon the clinic bed….and then we talked about physical therapy, medication, and how I’m not quite ready for surgery.


There was another time during my visit to the clinic we sat for a while talking and talking with someone from insurance, getting me set up for the physical therapy.  When we were ready to go, I was VERY sore and struggled to get up.  My husband rushed to my side and I let him take my arm….but when the gentleman who already helped us with paperwork offered his hands around my arm…I began to pull back….but he didn’t listen.  Together, he and my husband lifted me to a standing position.  I was so grateful…yet sooo embarrassed.


See my pride kept one person at least from helping me that day. I pray I didn’t insult him. Who knows how many more I’ve pushed away, without meaning to be rude? In the same way…the man that ignored how I didn’t want his help…there have been times I’ve tried to help people and they turn me away.  I love helping people stand and walk….I want to get stronger so that I may continue 🙂


Would you please share a moment similar to mine? I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to know someone is standing with you in prayer through a trial, email me here:


You are valuable, worth so very much!!!



Here’s a link to the first and second Saturday Stews

Saturday Stew 2

Last Saturday I began “Saturday Stew”
I’ll let you step back to that date and check out the “ingredients”…for now I will begin with prayer.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for being our God… For all the sacrifices You ‘ve made because of Your great love for us. Holy Spirit, I ask that we be emptied out of any stress, pride, pain and be filled with Your peace that surpasses all understanding, Your strength that helped you carry Your cup , Your forgiveness even when those You love spit on You , along with everything else needed to be who You are creating us to be. Amen .

My question today is :

What is something on your bucket list? Why is it there?

One of mine is to be healthy enough to walk across a rope bridge and do it .

I choose this because I am afraid of heights and also there are a group of men and boys in the Royal Ranger outpost at our church who have done it fearlessly…, though they may have been terrified… They place their trust in others to help them across a distance of a single rope….not platform . At this time my fear is on my storms…. I want to be in the place where I focus only on the One who can calm my storms and lead me to safety .

If you would like someone to pray with you through a storm you or someone you know might be currently going through , contact me:

The Hunt Is On

Never a trophy
on a wall;
Your leather
is a tent
blanketing me,
never resting
from life’s elements..
Each muscle –
a hearty stew –
Forever sustains.
I’ve stretched you
so thin
for my own gain;
Each sacrifice
(Your soul for soles,
organs for elements,
Blood for our mistakes)
reminds me
of my shortcomings;
how I might be
more like you.
The animal within
now tamed
through Victory –
Do you long to hunt ?

Starting Saturday Stew

Sounds delicious! I pray it’s irresistible 🙂

I’ve seen many writers that I truly admire who post questions to get people talking and thinking. Whether once in a while, weekly, daily, or almost hourly…. I love how these questions introduce people to others…..

Saturday Stew sounds fitting ….. Because it reminds me of my mom’s mouthwatering beef tip stew….it also reminds me of how my dad would get me thinking about things by talking with me .

With this we shall begin our weekly “meals” with a few rules :

1. Meals at my house always begin with prayer. So I will start each Stew with prayer. I will try to get an email address set up by next Saturday for personal prayer requests.

2. Each person is welcome to this “table ” as long as they treat each person with respect. This includes those the discussion is about, as well as those “around the table “.

3. No “food fights”. Saturday Stew is meant to encourage; it is a safe environment. If you have a “beef” with someone, take it “outside”, or you may be asked to leave the table.

With that said , I would like your help “setting the table”. What topics would you like to see “served”?

Heavenly Father, we lift these conversations up to You. I pray we may learn more about each other , more about ourselves as we trust You to lead us.