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I Forever Salute You!



Isn’t It Bunny?




Full Bloom

The sky is overcast with off and on showers. The temperature says it’s 40 degrees but I think it’s more closer to 35 or colder with the wind. It’s supposed to be spring out. Doesn’t that mean the air is supposed to feel more like 60’s and above with the sun shining all the time?

But you know what I saw when I took my dogs out? Buds on my lilac bush! They didn’t care about the cold temps, the wind, the gloom. These tiny buds were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing along with so many others around the rest of the bush. Which reminds me that I need to keep my focus on what I need to be doing; blooming despite my surroundings….knowing that my petals and aroma will bring beauty, joy and pleasure to someone, somewhere……and especially our Creator ❤


Springtime, Where Are You?

Why doesn’t a farmer wait by a seed to watch it grow?

Or dig it up to see if it is breathing?

How painful it is to wait!

The birds tease with their song –

I’ll go take a nap.


So tiny;
Many shapes
and sizes
even a variety of color.
Many carried by the wind;
Others planted
by a plan.
Each require
sunlight ,
and wind
in order to grow.
Some will become
shade, building materials, paper….
Others provide
Nourishment, medicine…
Many will be
Worn, wrote upon….
Yet ALL will provide
Beauty and clean air.