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Wish You Were Here

Snow Trek

Snow TrekWent on a 2 mile trek in the snow with 2 dear friends…. Hated it the whole way; thought I was going to die as my heart raced In the -10 weather.

But I found God helped me survive, I feel healthier though achy and wiped out and I’ll do it again… And I got to achieve this with 2 others 💕 Halleluigh !!!!


Let It Snow?

It’s been snowing all day and isn’t supposed to stop til tonight. What’s the weather where you are?

Invasion ?

Listening to the whispers of snow fall – a sticky sound as exquisite shapes whoosh by my ears and splat into a puddle on my coat , preparing the way for those that follow to band together in hopes of creating a blanket that forces me inside to fight back with temps that transform the white protest into a drippy mess. I’m debriefed with a cup of hot cocoa.

Unique Memories

Temperatures drop faster than flakes; determined heels are carried by boots. Snow doesn’t stop the business man; after all he sells footwear! Watch out for the snowmobiles; often only seen by their tracks to rinks full of hockey players, skaters or those just capturing the moment…. All stuck beneath red noses and foggy breath… Deaf to the Scrooges tumbling about ….the first snowfall .