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Just One More Cup Of Coffee

Carrying my eyeballs
in dry pockets that blink,
I capture photos
for journaling my blog.
The landlord demands payment ;
tells me
to fix the damage
or I might just lose
this rental unit…
all while my neighbors
pass by .

High Noon

Wrest-full days, sleepless nights…Back to back with The Warrior; seizing what was once stolen…. Never once pondering the gentleness on which to lay my head, for those tiny eyes are so haunting with such the tender voice… If I sleep now, will His Kingdom fall?


Be Still And Know

Something so gentle with a night’s slumber while the wind and the rain wage war; my Canopy showers me with Shelter Unknown…Come find Peace ; limited not just to Sundays and Wednesdays. Wrap up in the soft Blanket, taste the Rain, feel the lullaby of the Wind and know you have Strength for Tomorrow .

REM State

Heavy shades begin to close to reveal another world. Psychedelic recordings after dinner and a movie? Or, is it a message from The Captian, directing you where to steer your boat; alerting you Help is on the Way? The Legend’s in The Map…what’s your Answer?