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Bleeding Out

Bleeding Out
Anger roams within me, waiting just to pounce!

They took a part of me! I’ll bite off just an ounce!!
Let them feel the pain sear constantly in their head –

Just like I’ve been living, wishing I were dead!
Yes they need to bleed; to be wounded at the heart!

What? You want me to listen to You … before I even start?
Why are You handing me a Mirror, this isn’t about me!!

I know I’m covered in mistakes!!!! I just want to be free!!
Wait!! What are You doing?!? How am I Looking through Your eyes?

Where are all my mistakes, along with those filthy little lies?
You’ve forgiven me? With all the wrong I’ve done; I was about to kill!!

Forgiveness is Your choice – the Cross is on the Hill.
Wait! You’re removing the mirror!! I’m sure to strike this time!!

My enemy looks different; I see their pain. You say the choice is all mine. 
Whether I am a weapon, or I choose to forgive; it lasts an eternity.

The next move I make will be determined by what I see.


Defining Topography

are a map…
that never repeat,
But follow
where they are led.
Which way
to become?
Left or right?
Only one path
to find
the fingerprints
of being.
See you there!