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Answer Me

Where am I going?
Cells slowly disappearing !
Perception begins to fail
as my vision fades.
Pride has made me
injecting me with anger,
beating me with
the self esteem
that I should never
have tossed to the floor
to wipe my feet on .
After all ,
how could I fall,
if I’m already down ?
My heartbeat increases uncontrollably
through what is left
of this body.
Breathing becomes difficult
as rage
crushes my lungs.
Soon a fog
of jealousy
clouds my mind ..
I hear
Footsteps ….
shrieks …..
The sound of Steel
sliding against Steel…
Silence is divided,
then interrupted.
Soon after
an unknown
hits the ground.
Terror fills my mind
as I wait…
But I feel a Warmth
as my lungs inflate
through a slowing pulse.
Still confused
I focus on The Light
which penetrates
my blurred vision
….slowly sharpening.
Longing to see my Savior,
I struggle to stand,
so thankful for mobility.
Am I alone?
Where are the bold
to reveal
The Courageous Heart?
Are my Answers
in this Book
from where
The Light floods?


Wrinkles In Communion

No yeast in the recipe as Wrinkles stretch across the Wafer; a continual reminder of my mistakes that have imprisoned me with their increasing weight. The Cup is quite heavy, though just a thimble full of juice. My watch “tisk, tisks” with each passing second …. Will I answer my heart’s question, “does Communion weigh more than what I’m carrying?”