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So Encouraging!!!

I love this site!!! They are so encouraging and it’s free!!! True there are “faster” ways of meeting my health goals that I could pay for, but it’s not necessary to get to my goal….. Which is October 27th, 2017.
I encourage you to give them a try, and tell them Agape sent you 😉


***Gasping For Air***

I started exercising again ☺️ the marble experiment isn’t working alone, nor is the 21 day junk food fast….
God sees us precious and worthy 💕


What Have I Got To Lose?

Made this last night and I got to move 3 marbles 😎…. One wasn’t a full pound, but it’s off!!! Hallelujah 💕 

Hanging Around

Lessons From Hangers


  1. They have no ears, but two shoulders to carry weight.
  2. The bar that connects the shoulders, holds more than just pants.
  3. Twisted with no complaints.
  4. Their hook, which is part of their purpose, provides great security for the weight they carry.
  5. Have been known to open locks and reach the unreachable.
  6. They are said to multiply when thrown into a closet.
  7. When bent out of shape, they are still used for many purposes.
  8. People have cut them into several parts for various needs.


What I’ve learned:


  1. I can help others as I am able.
  2. My Core enables me to “do” more than just “be”.
  3. I can learn how to be more thankful.
  4. Who I am created to be will be used to bring others security.
  5. God has used people to “unlock” and “reach” me…I need to be ready to “listen”.
  6. I need to spend time in my Prayer Closet, so my strength may be multiplied.
  7. I need to realize that through my mistakes, God works to show Grace and Forgiveness.
  8. When I feel all is lost…there is still a mighty Plan that includes me.

A Type of Cartography

Leaves from trees
fall gently
upon the next page number ….
Without a map,
I watch
Pen and ink
draw each character
through surroundings
that untangle story lines
as time unravels….
Perhaps one day
I will find you
among the pages
of A Good Book.

View From The Face Of A Clock

Tick tock….
The pendulum swings back and forth to keep time
as two hands dance circles around numbers ….
Twirling slowly at separate paces
meeting every hour
While the second hand rushes by them every minute
as if to remind them ……
that Life is constantly changing
amidst their Homogenous dance.