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Football Anyone?

Football Anyone?

Cowboys and the Packers-

It’s football, not a fight;

Dear friends are sitting together

To make America right.

Both have different views

About how our nation should be-

Each stand for what they believe in:

To keep America free.

Yet what is freedom really?

To force our views on others?

To truly go against what we want …

And hate our sisters and brothers?

Hate is such a strong word-

But isn’t that what we do?

We look past the beliefs,

And hate people for points of view.

Couldn’t we instead be like Jesus,

And listen to their heart…

And make America great again

With a brand new start?

Begin with a game of football-

Or something that fancies your delight;

Become friends sitting together

To make America right.


Hello! My name is Kim :)

My world seems to be spinning out of control

as a Rainbow is wrapped around my wrist.

Comfort slowly steps away from me;

But really those are my footprints!

I hear Constant Drum and A Steady Wind –

Oh, the view from these Windows!!

Where’s the door? Let me out!!

I want to run and explore these lands ❤

The Beauty Of Color

So powerful
is the sound
of a waterfall
as it rushes forth
through life,
booming down
from great heights above
in a free fall
to a gentle lake below;
always lying so peaceful,
prayerfully ready
to catch
great stress,
it to
His east;
His west….
From many miles away
the two
are joined
with a

Art Gallery

Our Maker was here
before we were
painting the earth with love.
When did His canvas
begin to crack –
pooling its oil …
destroying the picture ?
Our Creator breathed
before we…
Swirling pigment
into existence .
How can color separate,
attempting to destroy
the Rainbow?
What picture
are we sending
by trying
to control the brush,
when masterpieces
build every fiber
of our entire canvas?

Whispers To A Rainbow

A rainbow is caught
on camera;
The Sun’s Rays
speak to the rain…
whispering promises
of Truth…
It’s Faithful colors-
that The Light
is always present…
even in
the darkest hour.
For storms
last but a moment …
yet Light always
holds color;
through a prism …
which changes
our view-
moments to be
recorded in
The Scrapbook.

We Are The Rainbow

The hands of God
finger-paint an arch
erected in the sky;
Every digit
multiple colors….
Ready for the watercolor print.
The symbol of
“a Promise”
is perfect;
every hue
accentuating the other
against a stormy sky…
Much like humanity ;
we cannot survive
without each other.
(Written after reading OM’s post)