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The Blossom

I prayed a flower from the rainbow just to see you smile.
God said, “child you don’t know what you’re asking. This will take a while.
For every color to shape a pedal, a heart must see like Me.
Unconditional love is unique child, as it is color free.”
So I stretched across a blindfold way across my face
and reached out my hand, hoping for some grace.
I know the miles are many, but all our blood is crimson
Where are the flower pedals? Were you able to win some?


Operation Heartbeat

Each heartbeat pumps the same ;
Pushing blood around …
Whooshing through every tunnel
Every heartbeat has a sound.

It doesn’t play favorites to any race
The music is an unchanging song-
Revealing desire to stay alive
Forever wanting to belong .

The pattern is unique on the outside
Minds are passports covered with different stamps…
I pray our body is healed from this infection called “war”;
Listen to our Heartbeat and dance!

We Are The Rainbow

The hands of God
finger-paint an arch
erected in the sky;
Every digit
multiple colors….
Ready for the watercolor print.
The symbol of
“a Promise”
is perfect;
every hue
accentuating the other
against a stormy sky…
Much like humanity ;
we cannot survive
without each other.
(Written after reading OM’s post)