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Dreaming Rainbows

Walk with me through the earth
of each country;
listening to the sounds of their dreams;
I feel hands heavy pulling me
in every direction!
Songs of every Nation cry out!
From lullabies to declarations;
Now is the time to lift up your voice –
silent or not – He will hear you.
Pray for those who cannot pray
For themselves.
Speak for those who have gone
before you.
Stand strong, stand proud;
remembering we are dreaming

‘Til Death Do Us Part

If insanity
is doing the same thing
over and over,
expecting different results….
How will war
ever cease?
If forgiveness
builds bridges ,
where do we start?

Find That Fountain of Youth!

I wonder if the commander In chief as a child drempt of leading a nation… Did future doctors, teachers, lawyers, daycare providers, garbage collectors, musicians, etc stomp the dreams of the president after their leader smashed theirs? Why do we need to grow up?