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Oh, Pinions

Oh, Pinions!
I clipped my wings so I could fly;

Soar higher than before. 

My focus has moved to my wing’s length-

I’m stuck here on the floor.
My gaze weighs so heavy 

That it pulls unwanted thoughts in…

Moving me deeper in this cage;

My head’s beginning to swim!
I was meant to fly ; even past 

Intimidating Mountains that block the Sun.

So watch me now as I take the plunge;

Allowing my feathers to be undone-
For it’s not by my strength the wind carries me great distances through the sky;

Jesus remind me that You’re holding me

As You teach me how to fly.


Crime Matches Time

Since I ate chicken noodle casserole leftovers… Kind of a double serving…. For breakfast…. I doubled my workout. I’ve also had 2 large glasses of water 😊

Losing My Marbles

Because I exercised yesterday and I didn’t eat after supper there is now a total of four marbles in the jar. I must tell you that before I started exercising I had to subtract the existing marbles. But, hallelujah, instead of three there are now four marbles in my pound jar!!!