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Just One More Cup Of Coffee

Carrying my eyeballs
in dry pockets that blink,
I capture photos
for journaling my blog.
The landlord demands payment ;
tells me
to fix the damage
or I might just lose
this rental unit…
all while my neighbors
pass by .

Flashback Friday

Pictures paint sites everywhere I go, it seems. I love looking into each of the photos, almost hearing the sounds that brought this photo to life.

Today I am hoping to start a type of a Flashback Friday for me, using what I’ve posted.  I pray you enjoy the journey back with me. So grab another cup of your favorite drink and click the hyperlink 🙂



Ammunition shoots from the Cannon, capturing life every time. Much history is recorded throughout the books; some kept in buckets . Kodak bears many memories; Nikon – one of the patriarchs of film – has seized many a day… Recent history has proven stills have been doctored. Code of conduct being : if the picture ‘s not perfect , turn the other cheek…In hopes of being shot – full of Life !

All Of Me

Photographs are awesome because they capture people: their style, mood, moment. You can tell a lot from a picture. We were so beautifully created!!! Many people… Not just one….. From top to bottom…. Left to right….. Front to back … Outside and in. With all this perfection, why am I afraid of a full length picture of myself? After all, my Creator loves me.