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Ανατολή ηλίου (Sunrise)

Ανατολή ηλίου (Sunrise)

Here I lie in the darkness

But I am not afraid;

A mighty peace fills me;

God is in this place.

Here I lie in the darkness

Time says please be still;

Yet my mind is racing-

What’s my Father’s will?

Here I lie in the darkness

Nothing can I see;

Except the dreams that inspire

Jesus set me free!

Here I lie in the darkness

Reminded of my past;

From the moment of birth,

To the very last.

Here I lie in the darkness

Reminded of God’s Truth

That brings sweet Victory;

Now What am I going to do?

Here I lie in the darkness

Watching the Morning slice with Light

Reminding me it’s time to get up

And walk The Path that’s Right


A Generational Treasure

Bird On The Box

My next project…. I drew this in November of 1999….would look great on a box 😉

The Prayer


Sweetheart’s Mercy


This picture it drew 8 years ago…. Her name is Mercy. She’s a golden retriever 🙂



This is a picture of my brother I drew 2 1/2 years ago while enjoying the outdoors. My husband is the charming man next to him 🙂

Dear Santa


My dad loved playing Santa, bringing joy to many ages: schools , nursing homes, friends and family. The boy upon his knee is himself as a child. I’m so thankful I was able to present this to him …. He soooo loved it ❤