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Down For The Count!

Down For The Count!

Throbbing head from a fall

Because I couldn’t keep silent.

They were getting on my nerves…

Yeah, now I must repent!

But I’m in pain, I cannot move;

They hit me pretty hard!

Revenge is quite painful –

I shouldn’t have played that card!

What’s this? Ice called “grace”…

I’m to apply it to the pain?

Created to bring healing

All in Jesus’ Name.

Oh, how forgiven I am

Because God first loved me!

Grace to bring my swelling pride down

Just so I can see.

Perhaps I will share His grace

Then maybe my plank will go away

And I can see The Path to walk;

But before I make a move, first I will pray.


Prayer Walk

These calloused feet have walked along paths lined with stone

Many are the rock’s sizes….. I don’t walk alone.

Each day a pebble is thrown…sometimes mountains it seems;

Too many have fallen and injured, trapped by their dreams.

Countless are following me, several have I followed

Finding stys of the many which they delightfully wallow.

Careful I must be, for  I’ve been in their shoes…

Delighting through the numbing until I’ve found I lose.

So much has been taken away, yet so much I’ve been given

Death had a hold on me… but now I want to be LIVING!!

The path I choose is quite narrow, choices are black and white…

Chaos is all around me….but temptation presents delight.

I must remember that eyes are upon my actions, I will not walk by view!!

If the baton were placed in your hands, I ask: what will you do?


(I wrote this a while ago)