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Football Anyone?

Football Anyone?

Cowboys and the Packers-

It’s football, not a fight;

Dear friends are sitting together

To make America right.

Both have different views

About how our nation should be-

Each stand for what they believe in:

To keep America free.

Yet what is freedom really?

To force our views on others?

To truly go against what we want …

And hate our sisters and brothers?

Hate is such a strong word-

But isn’t that what we do?

We look past the beliefs,

And hate people for points of view.

Couldn’t we instead be like Jesus,

And listen to their heart…

And make America great again

With a brand new start?

Begin with a game of football-

Or something that fancies your delight;

Become friends sitting together

To make America right.


Eyes Of The Storm

Cut From The Same Cloth

Bags and Burns …S’up?

There are still so many videos that have been made, and even more waiting 😁 find the videos at our YouTube address:

I have an appointment and after that I’ll post new ones here 😎

A Generational Treasure

Tick-Tock, Will It Stop?

Tick-Tock, Will It Stop?

Moments away before we turn a new year;

Walking with hope, ignoring our fear.

Will anything change? That’s up to me-

To make the right choices on how to be free.

I could easily sit in my pjs all day

ordering out; having my way…

as time leaks past… waiting for none-

everyone changes… but I am just one.

I’m safe with the choices that I make;

here in my pjs, there’s no give and take…

but what if I lived through another heartbeat;

Would I be happy? Would I be me?

What would I do? What choices surround?

Would I be lost? Could I be found?

Who would I follow? Who would I teach?

What are the tools with the world I would reach?

My blood would stay red; and as long as I have breath,

what good’s pajamas as long as there’s death?

Is it really freedom in my pjs I ignore,

life around the world, just outside my front door?

Moments away before we turn a new year;

walking with hope, ignoring our fear;

may I open my eyes and open my heart;

live like my Savior from the very start!

Jesus, help me improve lives… starting with mine;

I have to hurry up now before there’s no time.

Pig update 


To Be A Child Again 

I’m visiting my mom because she got a pacemaker after her pulse was 27 beats. Her heart stopped before the surgery and she was having blackouts with swollen legs. She is much better now 💕 praise  God and medical staff 💕 

I’m working on this for her…. What are your thoughts?


Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation
A fist pounds – not a drum;

A foot kicks – not a ball;

Invisible bars hold me;

I’m up against a wall.
Emotions train the wild tiger

Guiding him when to attack…

I can see he feels trapped too-

God, help me to give back!
May I lift my hands to him;

This child who’s only four;

Teach him what compassion is-

To open the locked door. 
Remind me to surround him with prayer,

Instead of holding a grudge.

May I teach him how to rejoice with peace?

I need You to give me the nudge!
Then perhaps when his fists pound

He will be building up his home!

Kicking out what hurts him,

And never to be alone.

To Give A Mouse A Cookie

I have kiddos I care for that are very selective when it comes to food. I beg you for fun meals to tempt these kids to want more and more 💕 thank you 💕