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So Encouraging!!!

I love this site!!! They are so encouraging and it’s free!!! True there are “faster” ways of meeting my health goals that I could pay for, but it’s not necessary to get to my goal….. Which is October 27th, 2017.
I encourage you to give them a try, and tell them Agape sent you 😉


Crime Matches Time

Since I ate chicken noodle casserole leftovers… Kind of a double serving…. For breakfast…. I doubled my workout. I’ve also had 2 large glasses of water 😊

***Gasping For Air***

I started exercising again ☺️ the marble experiment isn’t working alone, nor is the 21 day junk food fast….
God sees us precious and worthy 💕


What Have I Got To Lose?

Made this last night and I got to move 3 marbles 😎…. One wasn’t a full pound, but it’s off!!! Hallelujah 💕