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The Final Countdown

Ok, my birthday is over. It’s time for me to seriously trust the Lord to be all that I believe Him to be to help me get healthy and meet my goal next year. Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 
I’m going to try journaling a lot more here too.
I love you all and pray you all are doing well.
96 pounds to lose by October 27, 2017. Treadmill, water, clean eating, journaling, scripture memorization, and balance….I need to get to know you more. Junk food, negative thoughts get lost!


Dr. Who?

Dr. Who?
White threads cover your back 

As if to sew you together;

Seeing many patients has taken you

Through all kinds of weather.
Hearts radically beating; temperatures rise; Broken bones; these are just the top-

Forever conquering emergencies;

But you don’t ever give up.
For though you know the multitude awaits;

What gets you is their eyes-

Locked into a unique “code”

You rush in every time.
I know your strength isn’t in medicine

Or any type of “craze”.

I believe God’s plan is directing you

Since the beginning of your days!
So, when brain cramps are confusing you;

And you need a dose of Peace to go;

Sit back – remember I’m praying for you-

This I want you to know!