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Merry Christmas!!

Today most people will gather together, traveling either across the street, or across the nation to celebrate Christmas with loved ones. Perhaps someone brings a casserole, a dessert….maybe some bring gifts…creating memories through laughter and tears…there might be some songs heard.


Whether from a feast, to presents, or whatever …our trashcans are a necessity; taking on all the waste of the moment. They hold various amounts of yuck: from the tiny bathroom size, the medium kitchen size, to the 30 gallon party size….a container for every need.


People may lose track of time as they draw closer…..assuming someone else may take out the garbage….but loved ones keep packing the waste down, excited to get back to visiting. Before it’s realized…it’s an overflowing mess….with oozing germs everywhere! Usually at this point, when the garbage is to be changed, it is lodged in the container….which gives quite the fight of letting go of the plastic bag!! A lot of times there will be a rip (or few) in the bag in the process of hauling the garbage out.  


Sometimes it’s best to tip the wastebasket upside down and let gravity work, pouring the trash into a fresh bag, then wipe down the container with cleaner and realign with a plastic bag.

What’s more, is if the garbage can has a foot operated pedal…..those styles of containers come with a basket to give the rods room to work. These are nice, indeed, but if the garbage keeps getting pushed down…eventually the basket will get jarred under the lip of the frame of the basket….making it seem like it’s impossible situation ….but fear not. The garbage can doesn’t need to be replaced.

After much turning, twisting….and churning….sometimes it’s necessary…first to remove the garbage. Then, once all of the garbage is removed….tip the can upside down. Gently push on the bottom of the basket ….and the basket is removed quite easily….to be scrubbed and realigned with a plastic bag…ready to serve its purpose once again.


As I mentioned in my post “More Than A Meal”, people are like containers.  We hold compassion, joy, love, wisdom, among many other things. Yet we also take on a bunch of junk too….sorrow, anger, pride….there are a lot of others to add to this list. 


Just like the garbage can it’s important to empty the trash often….or it can be very messy.  There may be times where it feels like life is tipping us upside down…..I want to suggest that we trust Gravity and let go of those heavy weights that hurt us….that are bulging out our limits….and allow ourselves to be scrubbed with Truth…that we are worth our purpose!!  May we feel the Presence of Compassion aligning our whole…ready to begin again!

I’m looking forward to the New Year that waits with fresh possibilities!! See you there!!



View From The Face Of A Clock

Tick tock….
The pendulum swings back and forth to keep time
as two hands dance circles around numbers ….
Twirling slowly at separate paces
meeting every hour
While the second hand rushes by them every minute
as if to remind them ……
that Life is constantly changing
amidst their Homogenous dance.