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Bags and Burns …S’up?

There are still so many videos that have been made, and even more waiting 😁 find the videos at our YouTube address:

I have an appointment and after that I’ll post new ones here 😎

My Eyes Have Seen

My Eyes Have Seen
Rest In Peace; the past replays-

Soldiers fighting for a brand new Day!

Lives are lost; we are found;

Protecting what is Freedom’s ground.

Sweetheart, Dad with countless lives-

Thank you for your sacrifice!

Legos, electronics, fitted sheets;

Fast foods, salads, a variety of meats…

We take for granted so very much;

Warm beds, breathing…hey, keep in touch!

Warrior, Champion, Victor, Hero-

You might be tempted to say, “Oh No!”

Yet, as I see it from where I sit…

Those titles are a perfect fit!!


Thank You IsNot Enough 

My young friends told me what to write after I got them started:

I Forever Salute You!


2 Salute You!

This is on a birdhouse:   

I Salute You!


Eagle Stars And Stripes


Eagle Box Update


Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

Freedom, what does It look like?

To sleep soundly; to laugh out loud; its countless words; its silence; with the multitude or with the wind…..

Yet, so heavy the chains of hate;

Blind to freedom; blind to Life; different is eliminated!

How lonely this existence must be without Real Joy lighting the days!! 

Where are the dreams? Do nightmares hold them captive?

Precious life, do you know your worth? The eyes that read these words – your value is greater than anything this world has! 

You have so much to give!

Yet, how will you be free? 

One came to rescue all; One paid the price for Freedom; Do you hear His Name?

About Face

About Face
Ugh!! Look at the weather!!! I hate shoveling!! And the lid’s off the toothpaste again!!! 

I wanted to park in that very spot!!!! Shhh!!! I can’t hear my football team win!!!
You’re taking too long with your decision,

Let me go first while you decide…

Another ticket while I parked in a fire zone!! I was just a second inside!!!!!
Oh my!!! I can’t take this no more!!! Stress

Is too much for me!!

Until I see soldiers getting off of a plane 

To rest while keeping us free.
Tears are falling, folded flags are held;

“I love you” wraps tight each embrace;

Where do I get off complaining of life

When I see the look on each face.
I don’t think shoveling, or lattes were not their minds…time just suddenly stopped

This moment I give to our soldiers who never let the ball get dropped!