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My hubby and I have watched “Life Of A King” and “Freedom”, both Cuba Gooding Junior movies and both well made. 
I love movies based on Real Life, but once in a while movies like “Gone in 60 seconds” are a must 😉
What are some of your favorite movies?

This Little Light

I was laying on my couch watching Veggie Tales “Lord Of The Beans” as darkness enveloped me. Jr. Asparagus was in deep thought in his role with suspenseful music playing when I noticed a light shining in my glasses.  It was the reflection of my eyes. The light was bouncing off of my eyes. There was still light outside the window coming in, and perhaps from my phone…I find it fascinating. All this darkness is all around me and here is a reminder…to me…that the Light still shines ❤

Black And White


Black and white movies are the classics!! This pen and ink was done from an ad…. Way back…. But it reminds me of the awesome movies I love ❤

Survival Of The Fittest

Shopping through the internet to satisfy my appetite…. Wanting to feast now, but need the nutrients! It’s all about the Hunger Games; people against people… Loved ones or unknowns …Survival of the fittest!! Have our taste buds been fed this diet for so long that we’ve forgotten what Wholesome Food even smells like? Survival of the Fittest will lift the weights of these hunger games … That we all may celebrate Sweet Victory together !!!