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Becoming A Bookworm

Peek inside to see their lives…Feel their hearts; learn why they made their choice.
What would you do if you were in their shoes? Who would hear your voice?
Every character in each story has a tale to publish…
no matter how insignificant others may try to distinguish ….
You are carrying a valuable publication – one that all should read!!!
Take a vacation to read your book…make time to believe !


The Wheels Are Turning

My head is pounding as I look at my bike….my stomach flips ; I should take my temp!! No fever, but extremely tired!! This is not how life is meant!! Wisdom tells me to watch what I eat and exercise …. To take my medicine too; but all the fine details in each area to follow … I’m in a tailspin of confusion stew!! A gentle hand takes mine, leading with baby strides… Helping me remove my training wheels, knowing one day I will fly!!