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Silence extends a hand

          to help the diffident up…

lifting Words of Truth

          for those who’ve had enough.

Time does not devour,

          but strengthen this quiet friend;

in the face of temptation

          He will never bend –

for after all has settled down…

          I hear the Faithful beside me,

Waiting for me to still-

          To listen to Him speak.


(another written a while ago)


The Hunt Is On

Never a trophy
on a wall;
Your leather
is a tent
blanketing me,
never resting
from life’s elements..
Each muscle –
a hearty stew –
Forever sustains.
I’ve stretched you
so thin
for my own gain;
Each sacrifice
(Your soul for soles,
organs for elements,
Blood for our mistakes)
reminds me
of my shortcomings;
how I might be
more like you.
The animal within
now tamed
through Victory –
Do you long to hunt ?