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To Give A Mouse A Cookie

I have kiddos I care for that are very selective when it comes to food. I beg you for fun meals to tempt these kids to want more and more 💕 thank you 💕

Starting Saturday Stew

Sounds delicious! I pray it’s irresistible 🙂

I’ve seen many writers that I truly admire who post questions to get people talking and thinking. Whether once in a while, weekly, daily, or almost hourly…. I love how these questions introduce people to others…..

Saturday Stew sounds fitting ….. Because it reminds me of my mom’s mouthwatering beef tip stew….it also reminds me of how my dad would get me thinking about things by talking with me .

With this we shall begin our weekly “meals” with a few rules :

1. Meals at my house always begin with prayer. So I will start each Stew with prayer. I will try to get an email address set up by next Saturday for personal prayer requests.

2. Each person is welcome to this “table ” as long as they treat each person with respect. This includes those the discussion is about, as well as those “around the table “.

3. No “food fights”. Saturday Stew is meant to encourage; it is a safe environment. If you have a “beef” with someone, take it “outside”, or you may be asked to leave the table.

With that said , I would like your help “setting the table”. What topics would you like to see “served”?

Heavenly Father, we lift these conversations up to You. I pray we may learn more about each other , more about ourselves as we trust You to lead us.