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This Little Light

I was laying on my couch watching Veggie Tales “Lord Of The Beans” as darkness enveloped me. Jr. Asparagus was in deep thought in his role with suspenseful music playing when I noticed a light shining in my glasses.  It was the reflection of my eyes. The light was bouncing off of my eyes. There was still light outside the window coming in, and perhaps from my phone…I find it fascinating. All this darkness is all around me and here is a reminder…to me…that the Light still shines ❤


More Than A Bandaid

The grotesque monsters ‘ shoe size might be crushing; my head could explode being thrust about wildly as I’m carried through life at warp speed; the flatulence from the devils delight forces rivers past my vision – though my pulse may weaken , while I’m brought to my aching knees once again….the Faith which courses through my veins shall forever invigorate Life anew!!

Strength Of The Hero

Heroes are not brave because of their bullet proof shields, unique means of travel, their capes, elastic pants, their hidden identity, or super powers…. nor anything else that would elevate them to the pedestal of history; tears are recorded ; the enemy defeated. Only the strongest Heart can wait in silence as frail lives carry around the Champion’s strength within their beating hearts.